Resumes are boring. Here’s the scoop.

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I am a Certified Public Accountant with 30 years of experience with small businesses. I started my first business when I was 11 with my sisters– a concession stand at the local pool. I cried when I got overwhelmed at lunch rush. However, it was financially lucrative for an 11-year-old and I learned to make sloppy joes.

I also started and ran an internet retail company for 10 years called jcaroline creative! selling and producing fabrics, ribbons, and creative supplies.

And all the in-between years I spent as the controller for small businesses or as an adviser to small businesses. You name a problem, I’ve probably seen it. And fixed most of them. I earned a reputation as “the crisis accountant”. To clarify, I solved the crisis versus creating it.

Let’s Get This Party Started.

Okay, now you know a little about me. Now it’s your turn. Tell me your deepest, darkest secrets (about your business) and your goals. And let’s get to work going after them. Email me at info [at] bizhippo [dot] com. Or keep reading and you’ll find a sampling of our service plans below.

The Truth About Accounting

  1. Accounting is not rocket science, so don’t get intimidated or overwhelmed by it.
  2. It is a crucial part of your business- it’s the only scorecard you’ve got.
  3. Address compliance issues (such as tax) now.They are always worse addressed later.
  4. You could learn to do everything that I do yourself. BUT DON’T. Your business grows when you focus on the many other skills you bring to your business.
  5. You deserve an accountant who can provide as much accounting and financial expertise as you need, without you spending time finding someone to fill in the gaps. Don’t accept “We can’t do that for you” as a response.
  6. If your accountant doesn’t understand robbing your 401(k) to make payroll, don’t use him or her. (And call us so we can avoid that!)

We Offer Easy and Affordable Accounting Plans

I knew you would want to keep reading. And you’ll be glad you did.

Our plans are straightforward and most importantly to the small business owner, the fees are predictable. No open ended hourly contracts.

  • Accounting 101 Plan: Our DIY offering for start-ups. $300.
  • Starter Hippo Plan: Our Full Service offering for start-ups. $300 a month (includes accounting software fee).
  • Seasoned Owner Plan: For more mature business (2+ years old) that want to Do It Themselves. $800
  • Growing Hippo Plan: Full Service for mature businesses, starting as low as $500 a month.
  • Time to Hire Plan: Ready to bring on employees? Let us help. $800

Read more about our plans here or jump right in and sign up to schedule a call.