7 Most Common Quickbooks Mistakes (Part 1 of 3)

Quickbooks has some really great features. It also has some things that drive me absolutely batty. In the attempt to make it “so easy,” the software can also get you in real trouble. So I’m going to tell you the things I run into that have frequently gotten people in trouble (or least made life more difficult). I’m Read More

WTF W-4!!!

As if your new year wasn’t busy enough, the IRS had the nerve to change the long-time withholding allowance form for payroll that you’ve dutifully filled out for the last 20 years. In 2020, it’s now called the Employee’s Withholding Certificate. What is this form even asking? Do I have to fill out a new one? Why are Read More

Get Control of Your Time

businessmen with clock

Make the best use of the time you have available to increase your effectiveness and prevent burnout. There’s only so much of it, so use it wisely. Read More

Tax Rate Changes for 2020

IRS has released the 2020 rates and limitations. Let’s review the major ones. Read More

Affordable Care Act 2020

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has a lot of regulations regarding health coverage (2,049 pages worth). Let’s narrow it down to what applies for small business employers and changes for 2020. Read More

Personal Financial Planning for Small Business Owners

If you own a small business, the rules of personal financial planning still apply, but you have a few more of them as well. There are more variables and risk involved than being employed. Learn these tips to help you achieve your personal financial goals. Read More

Are You a Good Delegator?

Being a good delegator is crucial to the growth of your business and you can get better with practice and the right tools. Read More

Business Insurance 101

Business insurance is not that stimulating, but it is necessary. Here’s the low down on your basic business policies. Read More

HubDoc — Get Your Business Affairs In Order

HubDoc is a tool designed to automatically import financial documents, such as bills and statements, and translate them into data you can automatically sync with your accounting system. Read More

Understanding the Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet is such an important indicator of your business health, but often gets ignored if it’s prepared at all. Learn how to read a Balance Sheet and why you need to have one for your business. Read More