I’m so excited to move into my official office at The Cannon. The office I was leasing closed in November 2018, so this year I moved to The Cannon and their “Waiting Room,” which was the open workspace they were using until the new facility was finished. Hurray, the building opened in July 2019!

The stats are pretty amazing: 120,000 square foot facility on a 32-acre site in West Houston. They offer 131 offices, 300 open and dedicated desks, a movie theater, game room, event space, kitchen, etc. Am I selling for them? No, but if you are a start-up or entrepreneur in Houston, you need to lease a space here. The facility and community are amazing. Sitting at home trying to put that start-up together is lonely and frustrating. Don’t do it.

Why Co-Working Spaces in Houston?

Co-working spaces are the buzz of the last few years and they are popping up everywhere. The most successful ones are not just offering a physical space, but resources for start-ups and entrepreneurs, particularly capital. The Cannon is no exception.

With Cannon Ventures, Rice Angel Network, and Work America Capital in its community, they are making resources and capital available to companies that want to start and stay in Houston.

This space was well thought out for its purpose, and the space helps energize the entrepreneurs that work here.

The building, which was designed by Houston’s Abel Design Group, is a nice mix of industrial and modern design that lends itself to meetings with teams, clients, and investors.

Check Out My View at The Cannon!

This is the view outside my office. It’s the perfect perch to launch paper airplanes at unsuspecting workers. Check out the library. I foresee a nap in my future.

Upper level of the library.
The carpet is a work of art.
Lower level of the library from above.
The books on the wall are wallpaper.

Plus, there is a wonderful outdoor space off the cafe/kitchen that I will use in October when it is no longer 95 degrees.

So, this post serves no purpose other than to show off my new digs and encourage you to find digs that make you happy and excited, too.

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