A Guide to Reimbursing Employee’s Expenses

Employee expense reimbursements are one of the areas where rumors prevail and the facts are confusing. So let’s start fresh and review the IRS rules about reimbursing employees. Why? The consequences of doing it wrong could be non-deductibility for your business or taxable income for your employees. And either one stinks. Read More

It’s Almost Year-End. Time for a Checklist.

Now is the time to get ready for next year! Taxes, W-2’s, and budgeting planning now will make the transition to the new year a breeze! Read More

State Agency Links

A list of the ‘Big Three’ State Agencies for all 50 states. Yes, that’s 150 links… enjoy! Read More

Gusto Cashout – Another Easy Employee Benefit

Pay Day loans stink for employees and advances stink for employers. So what’s left? Gusto Cashout is the answer. Read More

Do I Have Nexus and Don’t Even Know It?

The U.S. has fifty states with its own laws regarding business and employment activities and taxation that any business, small or large, must abide by if they are “doing business” int hat state. It’s called Nexus and it’s complicated. Read More

Take This Quiz Before Starting a Business

The ultimate quiz to determine if you are ready to start a business. Read More

Can An Accountant Help Grow My Business? Hmm…

Accountants, like many professions, have generalists and specialists. Your small business needs a generalist. And when you get one, use them to help you with big business decisions. Read More

My New (Work) Home

Biz Hippo has moved into The Cannon, one of the largest co-working spaces in the country. Read More

Rewarding Employees Can Be as Easy as… Candy?

Here are some ideas to keep employees feeling acknowledged. They are easy and inexpensive and can go a long way towards employee retention and happiness. Read More

Affordable Benefits for Small Employers

Employee benefits can be overwhelming, but you will need to offer them to attract and retain talent. The good news is some are not as expensive as you think and they are easier to manage than ever. Read More