6 Ways to Improve Your Financial Statements

Make sure your financial statements provide an accurate and easy way to determine the performance of your business. Read More

Cash Flow for Small Business

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Cash Flow is the life line of your business and understanding what it is and how to maximize it is crucial. Most importantly, recognize that cash flow is not the same as your net income or profit. Read More

What You Need to Know About Texas Franchise Tax

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Texas Franchise Tax applies to all business entities doing business in Texas. You still have to file, but no tax is due at under $1,130,000 in revenues. Learn how to file and calculate Texas Franchise Tax. Read More

South Dakota v. Wayfair- Now what do I do?

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The South Dakota v. Wayfair Supreme Court decision significantly changed the landscape of interstate sales and sales tax. Make sure you know if it applies to your business and to proceed if it does. Read More

What It Took Me 8 Years To Learn

Don’t spend 8 years figuring these things out. Spend 15 minutes reading this and hopefully avoid some business blunders. Read More

Are you Sales Tax Compliant?

Sales tax is very complicated and each state sets its own rules. But, if you understand some basics, you can weed your way through the complications and ensure you are in compliance. Read More

Payroll Cheatsheet


Here is a cheatsheet of payroll and labor issues for small business employers:

This is meant to accompany the Payroll and Labor Basics video which you can watch here.

12 Things A Business Plan Doesn’t Cover

Most people have seen the business plan templates that cover the product or idea, the market, the team. But a business plan misses some very important things that will make the difference between a business that is successful and one that is not. Those are your personality traits, your work habits, and your support system. Passion is important, Read More

6 Little Things You Can Do to Go Paperless

I first heard a buzz about going paperless 20 years ago. Just like the metric system conversion that was threatened in the third grade (1974) never came to pass, most businesses have not reduced their paper usage much (particularly accountants). But it isn’t that hard. It’s a mindset and there are a few simple things that will make Read More

Standard Chart of Accounts

Standard Chart of Accounts

Lost when it comes to setting up your Chart of Accounts? Use this as a starting point:
Standard Chart of Accounts