Roadmap to a W-2

Roadmap to a W-2 W-2’s can be confusing for employees and employers. Never again have to answer the question, “Why do my taxable wages not

6 Reasons to Outsource Your Accounting

Payroll was the first accounting process to gain popularity in outsourcing. A 2014 survey claims 48% of companies under $25 million in annual sales outsource

The Cloud is Your Friend

I still read articles that discuss the “upcoming” cloud technologies as very new and you will have to make a decision in a few years

Playing Office

I once worked with a brand-new start-up with investors anxious to start expanding. However, the president was regularly wandering off in the weeds getting the

Your Brand and Online Presence

There was a day when your corporate identity was tied to engraved letterhead and envelopes. Obviously, it is a new day. You probably still need

Estimated Taxes for Individuals

Hopefully, you have put your 2018 taxes to bed and are ready to focus on 2019. If you were hit with a payment surprise on this year’s individual tax return, you may have promised yourself to pay more attention to your estimated taxes this year.

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