Personal Strategy

Get Control of Your Time

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Make the best use of the time you have available to increase your effectiveness and prevent burnout. There’s only so much of it, so use it wisely. Read More

Personal Financial Planning for Small Business Owners

If you own a small business, the rules of personal financial planning still apply, but you have a few more of them as well. There are more variables and risk involved than being employed. Learn these tips to help you achieve your personal financial goals. Read More

Gusto Cashout – Another Easy Employee Benefit

Pay Day loans stink for employees and advances stink for employers. So what’s left? Gusto Cashout is the answer. Read More

Take This Quiz Before Starting a Business

The ultimate quiz to determine if you are ready to start a business. Read More

What It Took Me 8 Years To Learn

Don’t spend 8 years figuring these things out. Spend 15 minutes reading this and hopefully avoid some business blunders. Read More

12 Things A Business Plan Doesn’t Cover

Most people have seen the business plan templates that cover the product or idea, the market, the team. But a business plan misses some very important things that will make the difference between a business that is successful and one that is not. Those are your personality traits, your work habits, and your support system. Passion is important, Read More

Playing Office

I once worked with a brand-new start-up with investors anxious to start expanding. However, the president was regularly wandering off in the weeds getting the accounting set up, state registrations completed, and post office boxes set up.  I agreed that those items are necessary, but the problem was that he kept insisting he do the tasks himself. Unfortunately, despite several interventions from shareholders Read More