Take This Quiz Before Starting a Business

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Can An Accountant Help Grow My Business? Hmm…

Accountants, like many professions, have generalists and specialists. Your small business needs a generalist. And when you get one, use them to help you with big business decisions. Read More

My New (Work) Home

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What It Took Me 8 Years To Learn

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12 Things A Business Plan Doesn’t Cover

Most people have seen the business plan templates that cover the product or idea, the market, the team. But a business plan misses some very important things that will make the difference between a business that is successful and one that is not. Those are your personality traits, your work habits, and your support system. Passion is important, Read More

Evolution of Outsourced Accounting

Payroll was the first accounting process to gain popularity in outsourcing. A 2014 survey claims 48% of companies under $25 million in annual sales outsource their payroll. I couldn’t find a more recent number, but I’m confident it has continued to climb. The technology for data-sharing wasn’t there, but payroll was painful enough that businesses worked around it. Read More

Playing Office

I once worked with a brand-new start-up with investors anxious to start expanding. However, the president was regularly wandering off in the weeds getting the accounting set up, state registrations completed, and post office boxes set up.  I agreed that those items are necessary, but the problem was that he kept insisting he do the tasks himself. Unfortunately, despite several interventions from shareholders Read More

Your Brand and Online Presence

There was a day when your corporate identity was tied to engraved letterhead and envelopes. Obviously, it is a new day. You probably still need a logo and business cards, but your domain name and web presence should now be a big part of your business branding. Every company needs a web presence regardless of what they do. Read More