Income Taxes

WTF W-4!!!

As if your new year wasn’t busy enough, the IRS had the nerve to change the long-time withholding allowance form for payroll that you’ve dutifully filled out for the last 20 years. In 2020, it’s now called the Employee’s Withholding Certificate. What is this form even asking? Do I have to fill out a new one? Why are Read More

Tax Rate Changes for 2020

IRS has released the 2020 rates and limitations. Let’s review the major ones. Read More

It’s Almost Year-End. Time for a Checklist.

Now is the time to get ready for next year! Taxes, W-2’s, and budgeting planning now will make the transition to the new year a breeze! Read More

State Agency Links

A list of the ‘Big Three’ State Agencies for all 50 states. Yes, that’s 150 links… enjoy! Read More

Do I Have Nexus and Don’t Even Know It?

The U.S. has fifty states with its own laws regarding business and employment activities and taxation that any business, small or large, must abide by if they are “doing business” int hat state. It’s called Nexus and it’s complicated. Read More

What You Need to Know About Texas Franchise Tax

Mexican Pottery

Texas Franchise Tax applies to all business entities doing business in Texas. You still have to file, but no tax is due at under $1,130,000 in revenues. Learn how to file and calculate Texas Franchise Tax. Read More

Estimated Taxes for Individuals

Hopefully, you have put your 2018 taxes to bed and are ready to focus on 2019. If you were hit with a payment surprise on this year’s individual tax return, you may have promised yourself to pay more attention to your estimated taxes this year. Read More