7 Most Common Quickbooks Mistakes (Part 1 of 3)

Quickbooks has some really great features. It also has some things that drive me absolutely batty. In the attempt to make it “so easy,” the software can also get you in real trouble. So I’m going to tell you the things I run into that have frequently gotten people in trouble (or least made life more difficult). I’m Read More

6 Little Things You Can Do to Go Paperless

I first heard a buzz about going paperless 20 years ago. Just like the metric system conversion that was threatened in the third grade (1974) never came to pass, most businesses have not reduced their paper usage much (particularly accountants). But it isn’t that hard. It’s a mindset and there are a few simple things that will make Read More

Evolution of Outsourced Accounting

Payroll was the first accounting process to gain popularity in outsourcing. A 2014 survey claims 48% of companies under $25 million in annual sales outsource their payroll. I couldn’t find a more recent number, but I’m confident it has continued to climb. The technology for data-sharing wasn’t there, but payroll was painful enough that businesses worked around it. Read More

The Cloud is Your Friend

I still read articles that discuss the “upcoming” cloud technologies as very new and you will have to make a decision in a few years to embrace it. (These articles are often in accounting publications, embarrassingly enough.) Sorry folks- the technology is here now and you need to embrace it now or be left behind very quickly. So Read More