February 2023 Handouts:

Small Business Taxes– Table summarizing taxes your small business is responsible for


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Federal Taxes

Internal Revenue Service– administers all federal taxes

IRS Publication 334 Tax Guide for Small Business

Arkansas Taxes

Arkansas Sales and Use Tax- General Information including rates, due dates, etc.

Arkansas State Sales Tax Rates– Sales tax rates for the State (the State ONLY! County and City rates are the link below!)

Arkansas County & City Sales Tax Rates– Must add the state + County + City to get your total tax rate!

Arkansas What’s New in Sales Tax for 2021– the latest updates on Arkansas Sales Tax

Arkansas Gross Receipts Tax Rules (Sales Tax)– The rules for Sales Tax (was originally called Gross Receipts Tax)

Arkansas Food & Food Ingredients Sales Tax Guide– if you are selling food, this explains how certain foods can be taxed differently in Arkansas

Arkansas Taxpayers Access Point (ATAP)- where you apply for a sales tax permit and file sales tax returns. Also for applying for or paying employer’s withholding tax (payroll).

Arkansas Income Tax– Information on individual and business taxes in Arkansas

Arkansas Secretary of State Franchise Tax– the Secretary of State (SOS) is the department that creates business entities and collects annual franchise tax.

County & City Tax Links

(County assesses and collects property tax)

Carroll County Assessors Office

Washington County Assessors Office

Benton County Assessors Office

(Business licenses are required in most cities)

Springdale Business License

Rogers Business License

Eureka Springs Business Page


Gusto Payroll Service


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