Rewarding Employees Can Be as Easy as… Candy?


It’s easy to forget that employees aren’t always looking for big rewards. Oftentimes, they just need recognition that says they are important to the organization. The biggest part is that you, the CEO, took the time to acknowledge that!

Here are some ideas to perk up your employees’ days. Yes, I say it can be as simple as candy.

Easy Ideas to Reward Your Employees

Whether it be for an annual bonus or to call out an employee who went above and beyond, a pat on the back is nice, but it can be even more fun when combined with a cute token of appreciation. I tend toward the unusual and silly. You pick the tone that best fits your employees and culture. And most ideas are less than $20. That’s an inexpensive retention policy.

A small trophy can be a great way to recognize an employee for some sort of excellence or for just being “All Around Awesome.” You can find 6″ trophies online for about $6.

A good source of customized items of all types is Check out their Gifts under $20 to find mouse pads, luggage tags, playing cards, stationery, you name it. They have many pre-fab designs or you can create your own.

When it comes to handing out bonuses, usually a pay stub (who hands out checks anymore?), can be made fun as well. Don’t just pull a #10 business envelope from the drawer. At the very least get some fun colored envelopes and don’t be afraid to stamp or sticker with something inspiring, complimentary, or funny.

If your organization is exceptionally creative, make bonus presentations creative as well. We helped this client create a unique package of kraft paper boxes with their logo and jute ribbon. It screams “This is your bonus and you are awesome!” You know your company. You know your employees. I know you’ve got some ideas of what will speak to them.

Okay, you say, but I need a reward for an employee tomorrow morning. No time to order and create. Well, don’t forget about a mason jar, candy, ribbon, and a gift tag — available in one stop at your favorite discount store. If your employees aren’t so much into candy, fill it with the little airplane bottles of alcohol. (Okay, that takes two stops.) If that’s not your (or their) thing, fill it with a gift card and some filler paper. I’m confident you’ve got this.

In the end, just making an extra effort to reward employees for their effort goes a long way. The reward doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to show you put some thought into it.